So as a little introduction we decided to give you a little insight into our personalities, and what makes us tick. This will hopefully allow you to further understand us, as individuals, and better understand our humor, gauge what and how we think, and get a feel for what fuels our blogs. We hope you enjoy!

Hello Mr. Burns, first question, you ready? (No? Oh well… Here we go) So you’re from the UK, and you spend a large amount of time in the States as of late, how has the transition between cultures been for you?

Sabey-Sabe! Well I’ve been in Jacksonville for three and a half years now, so I really feel it’s my second home. Those who know, and have attended JU, know it’s like a little family. Initially it was tough, being so far from home, often only being able to visit family once a year at Christmas. However, as time’s gone on I’ve managed to build such amazing friends in Jacksonville, which I now see as family to me.

JU was one of my favorite places to be and will always be home… What is your favorite thing about the university and why?

I’d have to say the support staff of the university. Be it professors, coaches, advisors, the President, everybody wants to see you succeed and, from my experience, go above and beyond to provide you the opportunities to succeed. I’m eternally grateful to these people, who often go unthanked. 

Okay okay, now let’s talk about music. We’ve had some pretty stellar jam sessions… Tell the audience some of your favorite tunes and artists…

Haha “stellar” would be an understatement. Well, I’m probably boasting one of the most diverse iPods going. I got everything from Stevie Wonder and Teddy Pendergrass, to The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys. I love anything I can have a dance to, so there’s a bit of funky house and even some latin Reggaetón on there (shoutout to Juanma!) . But my go-to’s are definitely Ben Howard, and Corinne Bailey-Rae.

Oh boy have we had tons of laughs… Can you share a favorite entertaining story?

Too many laughs to think of! One of my favorites would be jamming out to Micheal Jackson’s “You Rock My World” at my 22nd birthday doo, where we recited word for word the intro with MJ and Chris Tucker! Cracking me up thinking about it… “Look at that girl right there! Goodness gracious! Uuh, That girl fine man!” 

Okay one last one… Why “Sonder’s Secret”?

It was a tough one to think of something original, but we wanted something meaningful that really would encompass the essence of our future blogs. Sonder is the appreciation and awareness that every single person in the world has a life just as significant, complex, and vivid as your own. My hope with the blog is not that we steer or tell people to live in a certain way, nor do any particular thing, but just act with consciousness to the others in our communities.

Now, your turn to enlighten us, Sabe!

So, as there may be many (well maybe a couple, including my Mum!) UK readers, as well as US readers, tell us a bit about your story, the real defining factors that make you, you. What do your readers need to know about your background, to grasp why you’re so passionate about certain modern day issues in society?

Oh wow great question. First I will start off explaining myself in one word… that is PASSION. My passion for who I am and what I stand for pours out of my spirit and I can’t help but to share it wherever I am. I am a black girl who loves sports, softball, and serving God’s kingdom. I grew up in Oviedo, FL (shout out to The O!) and quickly became involved in sports at a young age. By the age of 8, I was in LOVE with softball. Softball is a very popular sport in Florida but not as popular to young girls who look like me. Most of the time I was the only “one” out there. My experiences of being a minority not on the field as well as in my profession has given me an insight of many changes the world is longing to see. I am so passionate about educating myself so that I can be best equipped to make a change through the power of sport.

Jacksonville University has been pivotal for us both in developing us as human beings. Now, as you’ve recently graduated, looking back, what has been the single most important thing you’ve taken from your four years at JU?

*takes deep breath… How could I narrow it down to one thing!? I would say trusting God’s plan. Between the time I committed to JU and my departure, the softball program acquired three different head coaches. On the academic side, they not only changed the Sport Management catalog, but adopted a whole new Sport Business strategy as well. After a very unpleasant first two years, I had every reason to leave JU.  But God. God moved everything into place. My junior I started to realize why I was there. A new coaching staff was in place, professors were amazing, and my professional career started to flourish. By my senior year, I was involved in more than I could ever imagine. Just when you start to go the wrong way, God re-routs you and leads you to your final destination of that calling. 

You’ve been very inspirational to many people, and you’ve gained some deserving recognition for you efforts, but who inspires you, and why?

Before I name this person. I must say I am so honored to have had the opportunities to serve JU in efforts to enhance The JU experience. My family is so supportive but there is one individual that knows me better than anyone else. My grandpa. He inspires me to be bold in my actions, be the best business women, and most importantly stand up for whats right while everyone else is sitting down. “Your name will be in lights one day sweetheart”-Grandpa

Sometimes we all get caught up in life, and often don’t leave enough time for us to enjoy some time off. What is one thing you’d love to do? Something on your bucket list, I know you’ve often mentioned traveling Europe?

I love the outdoors. Fishing. Working out. Playing with my son (my dog Bo Jackson). Attending ANY sporting event. Playing with my nephews. Two things on my bucket list includes: 1. Go to Boston to watch the Patriots play 2. Going on a European Tour! (UK, France, Italy) 

I loved answering your question, “Oh boy have we had tons of laughs… Can you share a favorite entertaining story?” So I ask you the same. I know I’ve done many embarrassing things in my time, so don’t shy away from calling me out!

Oh man… oh man…(Drake voice). It had to be the night of your birthday party. Everyone was def enjoying the night. And after many jam sessions and laughs, Juan pulled out his guitar and started playing a very sentimental melody. You put your arms around your lovely lady, Stephany, your finest (yes, some were highly attractive) football mates, and friends and started such a sulky speech on why you specifically love each and everyone of us. While it was very sincere, Juan on the strings was making very entertaining and dramatic. I could not stop laughing at tipsy, yet awesome remarks. Shout out to David for the humor as well. 

So, now you know a bit more about us, and our personalities, we can’t wait to get going with this little project. Make sure you explore our site, and it’s pages too. And, don’t be shy in letting us know what you think, good, bad, or indifferent! Thanks to everyone who’s supported us with encouragement and advice through the making of the blog. We hope you all enjoy… Deuces!

9 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. What an honor to have been mentioned in your first blog! Fully identify with you guys! Keep them blogs coming, no pare sigue sigue!!


    1. Thank you for reviewing our first blog Karson. We can’t wait to share our thoughts and stories with you and our audience. Please continue to read. review. reflect Sonder’s Secrets! Love you Karrrrrr!


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